8 ways to stimulate traffic in your blog via social networks

Meet blog owners and publishers, establish a relationship with them and approach them to see if they accept new contributors on their website. Once you have written your first content, ask for your close links to share it online. If you ask twenty people to share your publication on social networks with their own connections, you will slowly get visitors on your blog. You work with partners and affiliated companies because they have the resources and the public to help you grow.

To ensure consistency in sharing your content with social media sites, you can use planning tools such as Hootsuite and SproutSocial. If you are looking for new ways to advertise your blog, it is important to stay in touch with the latest updates to search engines. Some website owners will try marketing 10 best airlines in the world methods just to find out that they are violating the requirements of search engines. Creating a blog with valuable information is great, but finding the right audience to read the content is essential for making money. If you do not have traffic for your blog, it will automatically be on the Internet.

When we started hosting #cochat, our Twitter cat, we thought of basing calls on social media on the blog articles we published. The idea was that the scope of our presence on Twitter would increase while offering a viable and longer solution to a challenge if we linked to the blog around which the conversation was born. When you publish on social media – including Twitter – pay attention to the timing of your messages. Promote your blog on as many channels as possible and sometimes publish several times with the same link. Also be sure to add context to any link you share, otherwise your subscribers may not open and read it. While only Instagram handles with 10K + subscribers can use this feature, the scanning repetition function is a great way to generate traffic to your blog or website.

You should therefore only apply this blog promotion board on social networks if you plan to spend quality time on forums in your niche. Invite bloggers in your niche to write guests on your blog and return the favor by writing guests. This gives you not only links from your niche, but also the possibility for your blog to appear on their social networks and to publish updates. If you publish updates on your blog on Twitter, check the optimal time to publish them using the Tweroid tool. It is one of the very useful free Twitter marketing tools on the market. Check optimal detention times for Facebook using its own analysis tool – Facebook Insights.

You can make a short video where you talk about publications or use a video article application that can make a short video of your blog articles. Many brands already use this feature to talk about their products and give viewers easy access to store connection, such as Tarte cosmetics. They do IGTV linked to makeup hacks and then add the links of the products used in the legend. There is a lot of untapped potential when it comes to promoting blogs on IGTV videos Matt Cutts, the former Google web spam manager, denounced the guest blogging as a tactic for referencing. That said, it’s always a great way to get exposure in your niche as long as you submit quality content to quality blogs. Find blogs with strong shares and a community commitment, as evidenced by the number of responses by subscribers and social subscribers.

An efficient RSS feed can appear to the global public and increase the chances of new readers by seeing your content. E-mail marketing is a conventional method of reaching your target audience. Before social media took over from everyone, e-mail marketing was the most effective method of promoting blogs and other related products. Even today, this advertising method has proven to be effective in terms of conversion and targeted marketing.

In addition, if the content offers value to users, they can also share it and recommend it to others. When sharing content on social networks, you should not limit yourself to new content. Sometimes you can share some of your old blog articles that are still relevant or have become a hot topic. Many good forums in almost all niches do not allow you to share a link to your blog unless you have been an active member and have helped their colleagues with their questions.